Musings: Writing About Pop Culture

Seoulbeats01After spending way too much time on the sites depicted below, I’ve actually started writing about the very pop-culture that I have wasted time on read extensively about.  It’s a weird transition to make, because I’ve spent several years being a random person engaging in the community created by the writers, and suddenly, I’m asked to create an environment for others to become part of. As frightening as it is, there’s something about these kinds of adventures that always couples the frightening feeling with exhilaration and thrill.

At the time I started writing, however, I really wasn’t aware of why I wanted to write or the benefits of that come with it, considering that there were actually more important things for me to be doing. Like real life. But of course, I didn’t really think about it, so I said, “Okay, I’ll do it,” and basically sold my soul without even realizing it.

I guess I’ll never know what actually pushed me to agree to it, but if I do know one thing, it’s that writing about pop culture provides a different kind of peace of mind, apart from family and friends and the non virtual world.  It’s a way to become someone you’re not–hiding behind a computer screen, while actually becoming more true to yourself in the process. You’re not fearful of what others think or what their prejudices are; you just learn from everything, good and bad, interesting and mundane. It’s the freeing aspect about writing in informal style, being grammatically inaccurate, and cracking bad jokes along the way that makes everything all the more enjoyable. But the real bonus to writing quasi-critically about pop culture? It’s gaining a little mental exercise that isn’t a chore. Amazing isn’t it? If only exams were the same way…

So all of this is fun and everything, but are these reasons enough to devote hours and hours to pop culture? Probably not in the logical sense, but who said I had to be logical?  I’m writing about writing about pop culture, so clearly, I lost my mind somewhere a long time ago.  I might as well go along with it.


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