Looking Forward To: “RWBY”

One thing that may not be as clear from the plethora of K-Entertainment posts (Who am I kidding here? There’s only two posts about K-Ent…out of three total…okay, let’s forget I even said that) pervading this so called random pop-culture blog is that there are other pop culture things I’ve been into much longer than K-Ent.  Japanese Manga and Anime has been a childhood love of mine, and still is to this day.  What’s amazing about Otaku culture is that it’s neither something just for kids, nor is entirely an adult thing, but has ubiquitous appeal instead.  Though I’m no Otaku myself,  I firmly believe that it’s that the Japanese that know how do animation better than possibly any other country in the world.  They take a “juvenile” medium and elevate it serve the adult population though story and design nearly flawlessly.

The reason I bring up “RWBY” though, is not to have an exposé on the merits of Japanese Animation, but to express my shock that this…

..is American.

Okay, so it’s not all that shocking, but you can’t deny that it emulates the Japanese 3D anime style pretty well–to be honest, it looks very much like a video game to me. Roosterteeth and Monty Oum (of Blue vs. Red) are the creators of  RWBY and so far, they seem to be doing a fantastic job of both piquing the interest of those in the anime community and releasing great material that gives insight to what they’re coming out with. The teasers are engaging and the plot line seems to be epic, even though no one actually knows much about what is going on besides speculation from the trailers. It’s really cool that in this stage of fandom the little details play huge roles in how fans perceive different characters. The thing is, Roosterteeth should be given partial credit for this due to how much care has been given to detail with RWBY; for example, many names are related to fairytales, even though the characters are not actually being based off them.  I really can’t do justice to all the theories flying around the internet, so to find out more about RWBY check out their wikia page. I guarantee that there is plenty of awesome fans have already dug up about the show, on top of all the amazing fan art that has come out so far. I’ve linked an example from Zero-chan.


RWBY comes out July 2013, and I for one, will certainly be watching.

Official website at Roosterteeth

(Images belong to respective owners)


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