Improving The Blog

I’m absolutely aware that my readership is currently at a grand total of…


Of course that’s entirely my fault, since I’ve done zero promotion, and this has just been a sort of project to help me get into blog writing.

So, I would like to somewhat “expand” to a having more than zero readers (which I don’t think will be too difficult, aka, success if you’re reading this) and to find out what people want out of this blog; what works, and what definitely doesn’t.

Honestly, this is your big chance to make a blog about the readers as much as it is the writer. Comment below about what I do terribly, what I do well, and what direction you kind of want to see everything go. Every suggestion will be greatly appreciated. There’s not much to work from on here, but having a semi-clean palate sounded better than writing for ages and then starting over because no one actually liked it. If anything else, commenting “Hi,” will at least let me know that people are reading, and that’s really what makes all of this worthwhile for me.  I’m here not just for myself, but for you guys as well.

So have at it! (Please?)


New Logo: “Yes,” “No,” or “Who in the world do you think you are coming up with a logo for a site no one actually goes to?”

(Images, as usual, do not belong to me, but to their true owners that will take eternity to find)


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