2013 Women in K-Drama Awards Poll


Thank you so much for contributing to the 2013 Women in K-Drama Awards! We hope that this will become an annual event, and that the drama community will improve with its presence.

(By the way, I’m no Javabeans or Girlfriday, so no hilarious comments from me. -_-)

Happy Voting!

Best Female Character

JOJ Inhyun and Okjung

Three choices are available for the insanely indecisive folk like me. Which lady is the best of them all?

Best Female Screenwriter or Director


The names for Directors and Writers are listed together, so if you are curious about who any of the people are, just comment below, and I can try to help you out!

Best Actress/Child Actress


Good luck choosing this one! One vote guys, that’s all you have….Use it wisely…

Breakout/Most Improved Actress


Holy moly where there a TON of most improved actress nominees this year! So many people that I thought were dead weights pulled through some amazing performances. Since I could never choose one, I won’t make you guys either.

Greatest Trainwreck


Ah…Trainwrecks. They come in so many forms (scripts, characters, actress…) that you got to stay on your toes! Make sure your vote goes to the suckiest of them all!

Female Overlord of Awesome


How many times do you see women put all the men around them to shame? How many times do you see a woman have the world wrapped around her little pinky? Not enough, in my opinion. Let us know who your favorite female overlord of the year was. (Mine is pretty obvious…)

Best Womance, BFF-ery, and/or, Frienemies


Bromance isn’t limited to guys–girls have their fair share of awesome relationships, be it a BFFery of a life time, or Frienemies till death. Which womance was the best of them all?

Best Supporting Character


Supporting characters have spunk too! Which was your favorite this year?


Vote as many times as you like.

Final Notes: Thank you Orion and Emily for being wonderfully supportive with this project. I couldn’t have done it with out you guys. And everyone who participated in the poll, thank you as well! Let me know what I can do to improve for next year in the comments.

(Images belong to respective owners.)


21 responses to “2013 Women in K-Drama Awards Poll

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  3. Wow. Great job putting this together!! I voted selectively, coz I didn’t watch a whole lotta drama this year, and felt ill equipped to vote in several categories.. Hopefully I’ll be better equipped next year! 😀


  4. wkwkwkwkwk!! When I read the ‘greatest trainwreck part I instantly scoured the list for Im Sung-han, and thought… blaaaasst! It ain’t there. Then I got to the bottom part! xD
    Great, great poll.
    I think in terms of breakouts in the female roster of k-actresses we have had many. But the one that took me the most by surprise was Kim Tae-hee. o_0’
    SHK had her awakening circa 2011, or she would have been an even bigger surprise for how wonderfully raw and gritty she was in Winter.
    All in all, a great year for the rediscovery of the hidden talents of our k-actresses. I mean, even Lee Yeon-hee I suddenly ‘like’.
    We need people like you. Go sistah!


    • It makes me so sad that all of these breakout/improved performances get overshadowed by the Jung Woos, Yoo Yeon-seoks, Kim Woo-bins, etc. when they merit just as much attention, if not more. \

      KTH, Go Ara, SHK…they pulled out performances I thought they were totally incapable of. I’m actually looking forward to seeing them in future dramas.


      • Hear hear sis!! It’s so true!

        Oh, Go Ara is also amazing!! But then from what little I’d seen of her (though I confused her with more heart-shaped doppelganger Hwangwoo Seulhye) I thought she was promising and a natural from the get-go but in AM1994 she’s just… Gahhh! Precioussss!!



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